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The office

Our Depot

We’re proud of our purpose built depot which we moved into in early 2010. We had seriously outgrown our old site at Y Ffor, near Pwllheli which offered no room for expansion. The build brought with it huge operational efficiencies, cost savings and significant environmental benefits.

We acquired greater bulk buying power due to the additional storage space in the warehouse, resulting in less container deliveries into us which reduces road miles.

We have seen our energy consumption almost halve mainly due to the installation of our new coldstore with additional insulation and energy efficient fan motors. Motion sensor LED lighting has been fitted throughout the office space emitting very little heat, and we also run a water recycling programme for our vehicle wash. We continue to recycle our cardboard, paper and plastic, as we did at our old site, and now have additional facilities to recycle glass, cans and food waste here at our new site. We therefore have very little general waste disposal.

Bwydlyn Butchers

As part of the Harlech Foodservice group, Bwydlyn offer an exceptional range of fresh meats to suit every customers’ needs. Specialist in 21 day matured Prime Beef and superior Welsh Lamb, our meat will be prepared by one of our highly skilled team of meat specialist to any specifications our customers prefer. The acquisition of Bwydlyn gives our customers added confidence in purchasing meat from us here at Harlech.