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Non-Food at Harlech

We have an extensive range of serverware, glassware, front and back of house equipment available to order. We also have a range of food packaging solutions and disposables available, including a collection of eco products. We have included some of the brochures below, do get in touch to find out more about the full range of brands and brochures available to you.

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Genware 2019

Genware July 2019 | Harlech Foodservice

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Genware 2019 pdf

Also Green

Also Green | Harlech Foodservice

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Also Green pdf

TORK 2018

TORK 2018

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TORK 2018 pdf

Churchill Summer 2018

Churchill at Harlech Foodservice

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Summer 2018 pdf

Colpac 2018

Colpac at Harlech Foodservice

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Colpac 2018 pdf